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Wednesday Evening Youth Services

In a world growing farther and farther from God, our youth need God's guidance more than ever.  It is our responsibility as Christian parents to continue to have our youth believe and commit to a life in Jesus Christ.  A youth ministry is essential to the future of a church. 

Our Wednesday night services for the youth begin at 7:00 p.m. and are held in our youth classroom. 

Here are three factors that make a youth ministry significant for the future of the church…

Youth ministry is discipleship not just gathering a crowd >> The goal is to help teens follow Christ with all of their life. We are not just trying to reach teens, we are also trying to shape them to look more like Jesus. This is not hype. We see this happen by leading teens to engage in worship, study God’s Word through relevant teaching, and process faith through small group led by adult mentors. Our hope is to lead teens to be followers of Jesus with all their life.

Youth ministry can reach teens in our community for the Church not just our church >> Many teens don’t go to their church because it’s unhealthy and they know it is not working. Youth ministry gives us a chance to reach teens in our community and lead them to Christ. Youth ministry is not just about a single church it is about advancing the mission of the universal Church God is advancing.  We are here to serve our city not just our church.

Youth ministry can connect teens to the mission of the church >> Teens need a bridge to encounter the larger mission of the church and we can be that bridge. Teens can serve now with other adults in the church. Teens can go on mission trips now with the church. Teens can worship and grow together with the church. Connect a teen to the church today and they will connect with the church in college!

​From:   www.churchleaders.com "The Importance of Youth Ministry"