Loco Baptist Church

Where We Are "Crazy" For Christ

Marty Pinion

​Our Pastor

Marty Pinion came to our church in October of 2011 and filled a void that was missing from our church- a regular Pastor.  He preached every Sunday Service until February of 2012 when he was voted on by church members to become our Pastor. Since coming to our church, he has served God's calling and has truly blessed our church with God's Word.

He and his wife, Becky, live in Warrenton, GA.  They were members of Camak Baptist Church in Camak, GA. Along with tending to various needs of the congregation of Loco Baptist Church, they continue to spend time with their daughter, Alli and her husband Matt, and their twin grandsons, Cohen and Casen. 

​Marty works for Shaw Industries in Thomson, GA. 

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