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Picture behind baptismal

​Loco Baptist Church Sanctuary


On September 29, 1895, members of the Greenwood, Hephzibah and Salem Churches met at "Wheat Campgrounds" to establish a church.   A presbytery was formed consisting of Reverend J. E. Leroy, Reverend W. H. Green, Deacon William Woods from Greenwood Baptist Church and Deacon J. V. M. Paradise from Hephzibah Baptist Church.  Services of the newly organized church were held in the Methodist Church.

​In February 1896 a lot consisting of 1/2 acre was purchased from A. H. Tyler  at a cost of $7.50 for the building of the church.  Later, Mr. Tyler would donate 1/2 acre adjoining the church for the purpose of a cemetery.  The members cut timber off the property to build the church.

The first service in the new church was held in January 1897.  The church was dedicated in May 1897 with the Reverend R. E. L. Harris of Crawfordville, GA holding the dedication services.  Mr. E. C. Jones served as the first Sunday School Superintendent and the church organized its first WMU in October 1901. 

New sign added in 2004

In 1955, the church was remodeled.  Up until 1956, Sunday School was held in the afternoons.  In 1956, the church voted to hold Sunday School in the mornings and two Sunday School classrooms were added.  In September 1966, the church began holding mid-week prayer services.

​Stained glass windows were installed in January 1967 and in September 1968 two more Sunday School classrooms were added.  Vacation Bible School was first started in 1969.  In February 1971, a fellowship hall was built.

​In May 1979 a baptismal was installed.  Until this time baptisms were performed in a pool house outside the church.

​A bigger Fellowship Hall was built in September 1979.  The old Fellowship Hall was converted into Sunday School classrooms.

​In 1988, the church remodeled the sanctuary.  The ceiling was replaced, chandeliers were installed, new carpet was put in and the old pulpit was dismantled and a new pulpit was built.  New curtains for the baptistery were purchased and the pews were recovered to match the décor of the church. 

​In June 1990, vinyl siding was put on the outside of the church.  The siding and the work was donated in memory of Mrs. Jackie G. Blackmon.

​On September 10, 1995, Loco Baptist Church celebrated its centennial anniversary: "A Century For Christ".  Celebration included church service, a BBQ and potluck dinner, followed by a Gospel singing in the Sanctuary featuring Southern Harmony. 

​In 1997, a new roof and steeple were added to the church. 

​In early 2004, a new sign was installed in front of the sanctuary. 

​In 2011, the pulpit was rebuilt and new carpet was installed.  The pews were recovered to match the décor of the church. 

​In 2014, the sound system was upgraded and new flooring was installed in the Fellowship Hall and kitchen.  Also a new Sunday School classroom dedicated for the youth of the church was built.  The youth had not had a classroom of their own for some years. 

​In 2015, a new barbeque pit was built behind the Fellowship Hall after a tree fell and destroyed the old one. 

​In 2016, 3 video projectors and screens were added to the sanctuary.  These will be available to

​use during our morning services and various events held in the church sanctuary. 

​During 2016-2017, Loco Baptist Church became more technology friendly- installation of church-

​wide wifi, a church website was created- locobaptistchurch.org; Loco Baptist Church and the Loco 

Youth group are now found on Facebook.  Our sermons are now being recorded and posted to our 

​website (viewed from our YouTube Channel), along with a monthly newsletter.  Internet-ready

televisions have been installed in the youth​ room, the fellowship hall- with intentions of having them

installed in all classrooms for use in Sunday​ School classes and other applications.  


​J. E. Leroy            1895-1902

​J. C. Mays            1902-1903

​W. D. Entzminger 1904-1905

​P. A. Motes           1906-1908

​W. A. Reid            1909-1933

J. W. Haley           1934-1935

​H. C. Orr               1935-1936

J. R. Kirkland        1937-1943

​R. C. Daniels        1944-1950

H. Denton             1951-1952

​M. B. Lamb           1953-1955

L. G. Humphrey    1955-1958

​F. Guinn                1958-1965

​E. S. Bell               1966-1968

​S. Jones                1968-1970

​M. R. Newman      1970-1972

​T. W. Cartledge     1972-1974

​T. D. Blackmon     1974-1991

​S. Forsyth             1991-1994

​T. Harwell             1994-1995 (interim speaker)

K. Jones               1995-1999

​G. Hollis               1999-2004

​Cecil Ishee           2004-2005 (interim pastor)

A. Aycox               2005-2007

​Marty Pinion         2012- present

Loco Baptist Church