Loco Baptist Church

Where We Are "Crazy" For Christ

1/15/2017    (Marty Pinion)

1/29/2017     (Marty Pinion)

Monthly Newsletters

12/31/2017  (Marty Pinion)

3/12/2017    (not recorded)

3/5/2017     (Marty Pinion)

3/19/2017     (Steven Hardy)

1/8/2017     (Marty Pinion)

11/26/2017  (Steven Hardy)

12/17/2017   (Marty Pinion)

12/10/2017  (Marty Pinion)

7/30/2017 (Britt Smallwood)

1/22/2017    (Marty Pinion)

We are trying to record our morning messages once again using a different camera and camera angle.  We hope you enjoy the experience much better with different video and better sound.  

12/24/2017  (Marty Pinion)

2/19/2017     Gideon Speaker (not recorded)

The newsletters will once again be posted at the first year.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  

2/12/2017    (Marty Pinion)

2/5/2017     (Marty Pinion)

Morning Messages

1/1/2017     (Marty Pinion)

2/26/2017    (Marty Pinion)

12/3/2017    (Marty Pinion)